Ace of Spades

Ace Of Spades Slot Review

With an Ace up your sleeve and a smile on your face the world indeed is a bright little place. Ace of spades slot title is an old school slot game that offers players a sense of tradition and comfort as opposed to the newer video slot titles available today. The 3 reels, 1 payline slot title is uncomplicated and players familiar with fruit machine mechanics will be delighted to know of an online equivalent. Powered by Play n Go, Ace of spades slot title is a raw old school slot, offering appealing comfort of something simple minded. The controls are easy to become accustomed to as all one has to do is hit the spin button. The rewards from a simple click of a button are very generous indeed.

Ace Of Spades Background

Within warfare the ace of spades was traditionally a symbol of luck and fortune. The paratroopers in the Second World War painted the Ace on the side of their helmets, as the card had always been associated with a sign of good fortune in a card game, thus they too hoped for good fortune in the war.  The design of the spade itself bears somewhat a striking resemblance to a four leaf clover, which in Irish tradition has always been seen a sign of good luck. The mere simplicity and symmetry of the spade make it a visually appealing symbol that has become globally recognised.

Ace of Spades Visually

The graphics portray slightly muted colours with a sense of dulled tone and atmosphere. At first glance this seems uninteresting and dull however the theme ties into the video slot perfectly as the Ace of spades is from an era of times past however its legacy has left its mark within popular culture today. The old school approach to this online slot makes players comfortable as the ease of navigation and familiar interface make Ace of spades slot title a user friendly, light hearted fun experience for the novice or veteran slots enthusiast.

Reel Symbols

There are no extravagant graphics, no monsters to fight or aliens to bombard within Ace of spades slot title. The mechanics are simple, it’s a game of chance focused around one predominant subject, playing cards. However players will be intrigued to know that the four leaf clover is also a feature on the reels, which is interesting because of the similarities the two symbols possess.

Bonus Feature

Many of the video slot titles available today come standard with free mini games and bonus rounds that are attractive in many ways as these features offer a break in the constant spinning of the reels. If players enjoy this type of slot then Ace of Spades is simply not a slot title for you. This is a simple old school slot focused on one action; there are no bonuses or free games to be played.  It is this simplicity that makes the title so appealing.

The Ace symbol acts as a wild symbol and has the ability to substitute for any other symbol on the singular winning payline. If players manage to land an Ace on the reel the win will be doubled, landing two Aces on the reel will see the win quadrupled. If players manage to strike it lucky and land all three aces across the reels a generous 625 coins win is accumulated.