Review of Blade Video Slot

The day walker is on the loose again, scouring the globe with a sword made of pure silver that will allow none to pass unless the uncanny resemblance of a human still remains. Blade is a film directed by Stephen Norrington, starring Wesley Snipes and Stephen Dorff.

The plot is centred around the character of Blade, on the path of revenge for the loss of his mother. Blade video slot follows the films reference to a great extent where Blade himself has one mission, hunt and exterminate Vampires.

Get flung straight into the action with a true and holistic approach to a video slot. The adventure and the Marvel theme that runs throughout Blade video slot is what give life to this title making for a unique and interesting experience. Follow this once bitten twice-shy immortal through the deceptive realms of an underworld and be immersed into an action packed video slot that speaks to every Marvel comic fan.

Blade Basics

Powered by Playtech, Blade Video slot features 5 reels and twenty paylines. Based on the film and comics, Blade progressive Video slot is a truly unique and gory experience, offering free spins, bonus rounds and a unique Blade split feature.

The graphics are well rounded with a comical approach to the visuals that are seamlessly combined with steel like sharp edges in order to give the slot depth and a distinct look. Blade online video slot delivers a fun action packed experience with some animated effects from Blade himself and a female vampire clawing away at players. The harmony between a righteous human dignity and the eternal struggle to hunt the last vampire are constantly played off on one another. The gory blood and animations along with some spine chilling sound effects make Blade video slot a unique and fun title to play.

Blade Reel Symbols

On the reels, players can expect to see Blades arsenal of weapons. These include but are not limited to a firearm, Blades knife, darts, silver bullets and high value cards from Ace to ten.

Wild Symbol

The wild symbol is Blade himself and has the ability to substitute for all other symbols in the game apart from the scatter and Blade split Symbol.

Blade Split Feature

Unique to Blade video slot is a split feature, landing the Blade Split logo anywhere on reel 5 will give players the opportunity to win 25 000 times the line bet amount.

Scatter Symbol

The scatter symbol is the Blade logo and has the ability to act as a wild symbol during the free games feature. Landing three scatter symbols anywhere on the reels grants 15 free spins with a dynamic multiplier feature. 3 X scatter symbols will have a multiplier of 6, 4 X scatter symbols a multiplier of 66 and 5 X scatters will provide a whopping 666 multiplier.


Blade online video slot is a progressive jackpot; players have the opportunity to draw blood from any of the four jackpots by landing on three identical jackpot symbols.