Captain Jackpot Cash Ahoy

A Look At Captain Jackpot Cash Ahoy

The online slot game industry is an incredibly competitive one. Over the years, we have seen hundreds of different themes appear as game developers strive to try and outdo their competitors. One of the most popular themes to emerge is that of pirates.

This is evident in games like Captain Jackpot Cash Ahoy. This particular game has been around for quite some time already, but just because it’s an older game does not at all mean that it’s not up to speed with current trends. In fact, this game has plenty of features designed not only to keep players entertained, but also to ensure that they have easy, convenient ways in which to significantly increase their winnings. Below, you will find more information on the ins and outs of this game.

The Graphics

As is fitting with a pirate themed game, Captain Jackpot Cash Ahoy is set against the backdrop of an ocean. The sea itself is a calm one, and a pirate captain sits in the top left hand corner of the screen while his parrot perches at the top right hand side of the screen. While careful attention has been paid to creating a background that is appropriate for the game’s overall theme, the symbols themselves are quite simple and straightforward. A lot of the symbols on the reels are represented by standard playing card symbols. However, others are depicted by imagery often associated with pirate ships, including the likes of a treasure chest and skull and crossbones.

The Setup

When it comes to online slots games, many developers choose to keep their structures as simple as possible. This is for a number of reasons, but mainly due to the fact that slot games were created to be enjoyed quickly and as simply as possible. For this reason, Captain Jackpot Cash Ahoy runs on a very simple structure of only 20 lines. The simplicity that the game brings means that players can very easily log on and start playing immediately without having to spend too much time figuring out how exactly the game works.

Bonus Features

Captain Jackpot Cash Ahoy has three bonus features. Firstly, there is the ship game, which sees players selecting one of the ships flashing across their screens. At this point, a multiplier will instantly be awarded.

The second bonus feature that Captain Jackpot Cash Ahoy has to offer has a mystery value attached to it, as it changes every time. The screen will display a treasure chest, which is repeatedly kicked by the ship captain. With each kick, more gold falls out of the chest. This gold adds value to the player’s winnings.

The game’s final bonus feature doesn’t require any action on the part of the player. The wheel that appears on the screen will spin automatically and reveal prizes to the player.

All in all, Captain Jackpot Cash Ahoy has all the makings of a classic online casino game that players are sure to love.