Centre Court

A Look At Centre Court Online Slot

No discussion of online slot games would be complete without the mention of the themes that they bring. Over the years, plenty of different ones have emerged, many of which centred around the idea of sports. Centre Court is one such online slot game. This game focuses on tennis, which interestingly enough is not one of the most popular sports to feature in casino games. As with most other slots games, this one runs on a very simple structure. However, this particular game has plenty to offer players, much of which is detailed below.

The Structure

As mentioned above, the structure of Centre Court online slot game is quite basic. With five reels and nine paylines, players can choose their own coin values when they play. This simple structure makes it easier for players to get into the game right away so that they don’t have to spend too much time trying to figure out exactly how it works. Along with this structure, players can also look forward to a number of other features, including wilds and scatters. Each of these have their own way of helping players greatly increase their winnings as they play.

The Basic Betting Rules Of The Game

Centre Court, like many other online slot games, has a few basic rules for players to stick to and in turn, ensure the best possible playing experiences. For one, when it comes to betting, players can bet up to 10 coins per line. The value of these bets is decided by the player, but they are of varying amounts that will suit any pocket. Betting the maximum possible value is considerably easy, as players simply need to click on the ‘Max bet’ button. The value of the bets can also easily be adjusted by navigating with the arrows on the bottom left-hand side of the screen.

Bonus Features

Of course, Centre Court online slot game has a few bonus features designed to make the overall experience all the more lucrative for players. One such feature is the wild feature, represented by the symbol of the trophy, which can stand in for any symbol missing from a winning combination. Another one of these features is that of the scatter symbol, which is represented by the tennis ball. Should a player manage to land three of these symbols on the reels, they will be awarded with no less than 18 free spins. Finally, these free spins could lead players to a multiplier game. Here, their winnings will either be doubled, tripled or even quadrupled with real money online slots.

Centre Court is the ideal game for those who love a good, classic online slot game. It has a simple structure that is easy to get into and to understand, the betting rules are fairly straightforward and customisable to suit the needs of the players and the game has plenty of bonus features that can help players drastically increase their winnings and overall, have an enjoyable online slot game experience.