Jenga Slot by Amaya

Most people around the world know of the puzzle game Jenga. Consisting of a tower built of small wooden blocks, Jenga is a well known game in pubs and living rooms worldwide. The idea behind the game is that you have to take blocks out of the tower and place them on top without the tower falling down. This is not as easy as it seems. Jenga the slot is based on the same game, with the same rules but will award you with prizes for each successful block removal and group of same colour blocks.

Jenga the slot has a wide wagering amount. You can play either nine or eighteen lines with each spin with 1 to 32 line bets available per line. Each line can be played for between 0.05 coins and 25 coins which make the maximum bet for Jenga 225 coins per spin. This means that players will all kinds of budgets can take a turn at the tower. Being such a different slot, Jenga will appeal to all kinds of players especially those that are a bit bored with the regular spin the reels and line up symbols kind of slot. It is not a very difficult game to get the hang of, but is a bit more complicated than the regular three reel spin and spin.

3D Graphics

Jenga the slot is a very colourful game. Each block has a different colour which compared to the original game which was plain wood is quite an improvement. There are no reels, just the 3D tower of blocks set in a blue background. The blue background is a swirl of different shades that makes the luminous blocks stand out. All player information such as the paytable is at the bottom of the screen. The win lines are on either side of the tower and you can quite easily see which blocks are on which line.

Tower Tumbles Down

Jenga is all about delicately taking blocks out of the tower and placing them on top without the whole thing tumbling down around you. Jenga the slot has the same concept but of course in a virtual format. There blocks are different colours, with each colour being worth a different amount. With every click of the spin button, the game removes any loose blacks and puts them on top of the tower, growing it higher and higher. The prizes come in when three blocks of the same colour are put in a line.  You can win extra prizes if blocks of the same colour link to the line (linkers) and these are worth various additional coins.

Magic Blocks and Layer Bombs

These are similar to wild symbols in a regular game. They have the power to change the colour of any blocks next to them to create a winning payline or a linker. Layer Bombs work in a similar way to expanding wilds, by exploding blocks next to them and total lines to potentially create some really big wins.  The Free spins bonus is rewarded at random, while the actual free spins themselves are awarded whenever you manage to collapse the tower.