Moon Temple HTML5

Moon Temple HTML5 Slots Game

The gaming industry is worth billions, with the online slot gaming industry responsible for a large chunk of the revenue.  Millions of players prefer to access slot games from the comfort of their homes, rather than making a trip to a land-based casino for the same purpose.

In recent years the mobile gaming industry has also soared to new heights, with mobile devices becoming a regular feature in most households, resulting in mobile users multiplying in numbers almost daily.  As such, a need arose for a stable platform from which to run gaming applications.  HTML5 was the answer to that need.

The result is that a multitude of games – including online slot games – previously only accessible from standard operating systems traditionally run on desktop systems, is now available for play on mobile systems.  This broadens the horizon significantly.

A prime example of a highly enjoyable online slot game, previously only available to users running games on standard operating systems such as Windows or Mac, is Moon Temple – now re-written in HTML5 format and available for play on mobile systems.

Moon Temple features 6 reels and 80 fixed paylines, as well as a Free Spins Bonus Game.

Moon Temple HTML5 Theme And Symbols

The theme has a strong mystical influence, depicting the famous Temple of the Moon site in Peru.  The original site is said to have magical healing properties, and has drawn many a spiritual traveller since its discovery in 1936.

Symbols include butterflies, chameleons, golden artefacts, a panther, a tiger, a high priestess and the Moon Temple itself.  These all form part of the themed group of symbols.

Standard playing cards also feature on the 6 reels, including the numbers Nine and Ten, as well as the  Jack and Queen cards.  All playing card symbols pay out at 100 credits for a matching combination of 6 cards in a row.

50, 100, 150, 250 or 500 credits may be bet on any given spin.

The Moon Temple symbol is the game’s scatter symbol, and is the key to unlocking the Moon Temple Free Spins NZ pokies online game.

Two wild symbols form part of the game’s repertoire – the priestess and the Black Panther.  The priestess acts as the wild symbol during normal play, and the Black Panther appears on the reels during the Free Spins Bonus Game.

Moon Temple HTML5 Moon Spins Free Spins Bonus Game

The Moon Temple HTML5 Moon Spins Free Spins Bonus Game is made up of two different stages.

The first stage, also known as the Collection Game, kicks off with a total reward of 8 free spins.  During the first stage, the ideal is to collect as many of the +1 symbols as possible, during the course of the free spins.

Stage 2 consists of 1 free spin for each +1 symbol collected during Stage 1 – hence the importance of collecting the +1 symbols during the first stage (they are,  of course, generated at random).  Both the priestess and the Black Panther wild appear on the reels during Stage 2.

Free spins are awarded once off only, and cannot be re-triggered.